Southwest Christian Church is committed to living out our Christian calling by serving our immediate community, and one way that calling is manifested at Southwest is through our Community Garden project. We have nine, 40 square-foot, plots that are maintained by individuals and families from south Austin, and two large community plots that produce fresh and nutritious vegetables for the food-insecure population of Austin. This endeavor began with a dream at the church to connect with our community in new and interesting ways and to use the land that we have been blessed with responsibly. Through generous donations from Rock N Dirt Yard, Geo Growers, and It's About Thyme and the hard work of many, our dreams became a reality.

Our Mission

The problem of food insecurity is an unspoken epidemic in the United States at large and in our south Austin community. In Travis county alone, there are currently 158,270 food insecure individuals (16% of the total population). Due to social taboos and the relative affluence of many areas in Austin, this is a problem that often goes unrecognized and under-reported. We at Southwest do not believe that we will be able to overcome food insecurity in Austin, but we are committed to doing our part in the fight against food insecurity by teaching members of our community how to grow sustainable, organic produce, raising awareness about food insecurity in our area, and providing food to families that are in need.

We also believe in the power of the intangible products of our garden. We live in a time of convenience when the value of a vegetable is found in its availability and affordability and not in the amount of nurturing care that it took to cultivate it nor its nutritional benefits; our garden seeks to restore our gardeners' appreciation for the foods that nourish and sustain them day-by-day by teaching them how to nourish and sustain their gardens. We believe that when we restore a healthy relationship with our food and our community that we are gradually transformed into the likeness of our Creator!


10500 Old Manchaca Rd Austin, TX 78748